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Dedicated to development of effective immunotherapeutics for "cold" cancers.

What We Do

Rapidly Translate Innovative Research

We are rapidly translating the most cutting edge discoveries from academic tumor immunology  into drugs optimized for treating the majority of patients who have "cold" cancers refractory to currently available immunotherapy.

Develop a Pipeline Optimized for Combination

Immunogenesis is focused on developing a pipeline of drugs that, in combination, will synergize to address the critical ingredients for effective immunity against "cold" tumors.  1) Generation of sufficient anti-tumor T cells; 2) protection and expansion of those cells in the tumor; and 3) reduction in hostile tumor metabolism.

Conduct Biomarker-Driven Clinical Trials

We plan our clinical studies to treat patient populations most likely to experience optimal benefit.  Further, we leverage novel imaging, and cellular and molecular analysis to understand the mechanisms driving response versus resistance.

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